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Blocked drains can either be stormwater drains or blocked sewer drains. Blocked drains need to be repaired quickly to avoid the potential for severe damage to your home and property. Blocked sewer drains are often inconvenient, but can be managed, however, a blocked stormwater drain is generally found with significant rain and can have devastating affects to your home and property. There are a number of ways that drains can become blocked, namely through the disposal of material through waste products and through tree roots that access cracks or joins in drainage pipes.

Blocked Drain Causes:

Care must always be taken in what you put down toilets, your sink, dishwashers and showers. Paper blockages are the reason for many “man made” problems. Excess use of toilet paper is one cause, but also the use of paper towels and baby wipes are primary contributors. These products don’t break down easily and so can get caught in your drains.

The most common cause of blocked drains is the roots of trees. If you still have clay pipes, a small crack in the rubber around the inspection plate will allow tree roots to take hold. However, if you have PVC pipes then normally the problem arises from poor workmanship. This may be a result of failure to properly join pipes or pipes being pierced by sharp rocks if they are not laid on the proper backfill.  Two of the primary culprits for blocked drains in Sydney are liquid amber and rubber trees.

Sometimes land movement may cause pipes to break, particularly if there is a downward drop and then a bend in the pipe. The joint often weakens over time and a small crack may allow tree roots into the pipe.

It is important to note that only a very fine root – the size of a strand of human hair is needed and it will grow into a mass of fibre.

Clearing Blocked Drains:

When clearing blocked drains, most people think of electric eels. An eel has to be fed into the pipe and drills a hole covering about 80% of the pipe. It will not completely remove the root system. Today however, a much more effective method is the use of a hydro jet drain cleaning solution. Unlike older technology that bores through tree roots, leaving residual roots, the hydro jet will completely clean the walls of the pipe using high pressure water through a specifically designed hose nozzle.

To make certain that the pipe is clean and to determine if there are any further issues with the pipe we are then able to pass a CCTV camera through the pipe, inspect it and provide you with video footage of the drain. Based on this, we will develop a report for you and a recommendation to solving any drainage problems.

With the right technology, Hills Area Plumbing is able to clear blocked drains in the Hills district, North West Sydney and upper North Shore and provide you with the facts you need to solve your problems.

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