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Blocked Toilet, Plumber Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills

Blocked toilets can be a major headache, but can easily be fixed with the right knowledge and tools. Blocked toilets need the waste material to be pushed downstream. Hills Area Plumbing services a broad area from Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Dural to Hornsby and surrounding suburbs. We will quickly respond to your call and ensure that the blockage is cleared as quickly as possible.

With today's toilets, extra care must be taken with what is put down toilets and drains.

Modern toilets often have a narrow throat at the S-bend and so the actual diameter of the pipe is reduced considerably. As a rule of thumb, only toilet paper should ever be used as it can break down. Items such as nappies, baby wipes, face wipes, kitchen roll paper, sanitary items and other material should not be put down the toilet.

Leaking Toilet Cistern:

A leaking toilet cistern normally occurs due to the natural wear and tear of the components, particularly rubber seals. Ageing seals will allow water to leak onto the floor of your bathroom or into the overflow valve in your cistern mechanism.

Whilst many people try to fix a leaking toilet themselves, generally they do not have the right tools and it takes considerably longer than having a professional plumber do the job. Moreover to fix the problem effectively toilet cisterns need a complete service to prevent loss of water and the frustration of continual leaking. To avoid ongoing rework it is important to consider not just fixing the obvious problem, but look at all the parts that makeup the flushing mechanism.

At Hills Area Plumbing we provide a complete overhaul and service for any toilet cistern leaks. In most instances, people only repair the broken seal, but the reality is that it is best to replace all the seals and have confidence that your toilet will no longer leak. As such, for minimal additional cost we advise our customers to consider replacing the outlet rubber at the base of the cistern, the inlet seals and also the tap washer and o-ring at the side of the toilet. This will give you the confidence that your toilet will not leak and waste water for years to come.

Servicing your toilets properly will also save you because it will reduce the incidence of call backs to continually repair your leaking toilet cistern. If you need a plumber please contact Hills Area Plumbing.